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The NBN Trust, in partnership with CIEEM has developed a portal to enable ecological consultants to enter and manage their species data, the ‘Consultants Portal’. Based on the Indicia platform, it connects with BRC’s community warehouse to provide a way for the structured upload of taxon records for validation, verification and onward loading onto the NBN Atlas. It was developed in association with CIEEM and BRC and the systems development was steered by a group of CIEEM affiliated consultants who helped define a specification document: Specification for online recording for ecological consultants.docx.

The Consultants Portal has now been launched and is free for anyone to use. If you would like detailed training in using the Consultants Portal, or have any suggestions for improvements please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Home page

Welcome to the Consultants Portal. Sign up to get started, or Select ‘About’ to learn more about the Portal.

The Consultants Portal is still in development and if you have any feedback or suggestions for further functionality please do not hesitate to contact us.

Create your account to get started

You will see the option to create a consultancy under My Consultancy> Set up a Consultancy


Select Set up a Consultancy. Complete the details for your consultancy and add members who will be able to carry out tasks such as view records, add data and manage projects.

Now you have set up your Consultancy it will appear in your Consultancy details table.  You can view this at any time under My consultancy> My consultancy details

Select ‘view or edit projects’ to the right of your consultancy details to create a project to start entering data into. 

Click 'Add Project' and then follow the instructions below each box to set up your project.  

Great, now your project is set up

The forms you added to your project will now appear on your homepage.  This will be bespoke to each member of your project depending the level of access you provided them.

You can create sites to add data to under the Explore Menu>My Sites. 


Select Create Sites at the bottom of the box to the right of the map to add a new site boundary, or select a site from the dropdown menus. 

Create Sites allows you to create bespoke site boundaries for your project.  Use the tools at in the top corner of the map to draw your boundary and adjust if required.

Zooming in on the map, or opening the 'base layers' (+) tab and selecting google satelite will show the arial photography which will allow your boundary to be more accurate.

Now you have made a project, and created a site boundary you are ready to enter data for your project.


The links you created to enter data are on the homepage.  

Follow the instructions on each page to enter data. These forms have been designed by consultants with the fields that they require, however if there are extra options you need please contact us and we can add them in.